9/12/2018 DevBlog

It’s been a hectic last 2 months here at Pixelsoft Games.  As we work on the re-launch of our website and new line of products.  Today I put Ores, Ingots, and Gems up on Itch.io and GameDevMarket.  I also updated the pricing for it on Unity3D, so if you haven’t purchased it yet now is the time because the price is going up!  I also finished the design and demo for Pixel UI and submitted it to the Unity Asset Store.  I will also be posting it up on GameDevMarket and Itch.io tonight.  Next stop I need to update Tools2D as it is getting outdated, I might even re-create the toolset entirely (don’t look forward to that!).  But we really need to get it out onto the market and it will be pivotal for our current game project Outlaw Galaxy.

Speaking of Outlaw Galaxy, I have been hard at work with the multiplayer implementation of that.  I have a basic UI set up and am getting into the game.  Next I will be working on adding the multiplayer logic to the scene so that players, enemies and bullets are synced across the network.  After I do that the next deadline will be syncing up the colony management system.  Once that is done content is the word, content, content, content.  Procedural level design, things of that nature.  I still have hopes we can release it at the end of the year, so fingers crossed!  Once development is further along and I have more to show I will start working on getting a message board added to the website and looking to get Greenlit on Steam.  Wish me luck!


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