9/20/2018 DevBlog

Sorry for updating a day late all, I had a medical procedure the other day and I have been bedridden for the last 48 hours.  I’m barely feeling better today but at least I am on the mend!  With that said this last week was very productive.  I officially released Pixel UI and Ores, Ingots, and Gems to the Unity Asset Store, GameDevMarket, and Itch.io.

With those releases complete I’ve moved on to working on Tools2D.  I also unfortunately discovered that somebody already has an asset up on Unity called Tools2D.  So I will have to look into renaming that soon.  Tools2D technically already exists on our end, but making it viable for release is a process in and of itself.  The toolset was in need of modernization to make it viable for sale.  Plus pretty soon here Outlaw Galaxy will be going into full production so it’s critical that the toolset be updated.  Speaking of which, I am going to get back to that now, see you all next week!

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