Pixel UI v1.21 Released

We wanted to take a moment to announce we’ve released a minor revision update for Pixel UI from v1.2 to v1.21.  A demo of this product can be found here.  Purchase this product today on the Unity Asset Store!

This update adds the following features to Pixel UI:

  • Rebuilt project to support Unity 2017.1.0f3 and higher
  • Added a prefab and menu entry for Pixel UI Canvas
  • Changed menu to instantiate prefabs as a child of the selected item
  • Newly created prefabs from the Pixel UI menu are automatically selected
  • Fixed incorrect configurations on a few prefabs
  • Changed text prefabs to utilize Internal and External materials
  • Changed text menu to reflect changes to text prefabs

Pixel UI is a simplistic pixel art GUI skin for the new Unity UI.  It comes with a collection of art assets, prefabs, and materials to instantly theme and color your UI exactly the way you want it.  The UI is specially designed so that it can be easily colored to any color you can imagine and still look crisp and crafted by a talented pixel artist.  The package also comes with an editor script that creates a menu within Unity to quickly add the new UI assets from their prefabs.  Lastly, the UI graphics come in 2 flavors: square and rounded.

Purchase this product today on the Unity Asset Store!

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