About Us

Pixelsoft Games was formed as a single person LLC in Green Bay, WI in January 2014.  The goal behind Pixelsoft Games was to develop and design games and assets that have that retro SNES generation feel to them.  A tradition that we still carry on today.

To date Pixelsoft Games has released 3 developer assets, and is in the process of designing 1 app and 3 games.

  • Common.2D (Released May 17, 2015) (Retired 09/01/2018)
    • Scheduled to be replaced by Tools2D (Est Release 2018)
  • Ores, Ingots, and Gems (Released March 11, 2016)
    • A collection of 48 hand crafted pixel art sprites.
  • PixelUI (Released 9/12/2018)
    • A pixel art based user interface built for Unity3D.
  • Family Polaris (Est Release 2019)
    • A family application for iOS and Android to help synchronize and manage schedules, chores, lists, etc.
  • Outlaw Galaxy (Est Release 2019)
    • A 2D vertical shmup and colony building game for PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Gemtastic (Est Release 2019)
    • A 2D gem mashing game for Android and iOS.
  • Azura Chronicles: Throne of Elements (Est Release 2020)
    • A 2D farming game for PC, Mac, and Linux.