Plans for Pixel UI in 2019

It’s only been a few months since Pixel UI was released, however its reception has been far more than what I ever could have hoped for.  Due to its popularity, I would like to begin providing regular monthly updates for the current and future users of Pixel UI.  All of these updates will be absolutely free for those who already own Pixel UI.

In 2019 we will see exciting new additions to Pixel UI such as new styles, new coded control types, variations of the current styles (round and square), etc.  I understand that not all of my users are Unity3D users, and for that I will do my best to provide updates that benefit all.  But as Pixel UI was originally created with Unity3D in mind, our Unity3D users will see the most benefit in Pixel UI in terms of time saved and convenience of use.

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9/20/2018 DevBlog

Sorry for updating a day late all, I had a medical procedure the other day and I have been bedridden for the last 48 hours.  I’m barely feeling better today but at least I am on the mend!  With that said this last week was very productive.  I officially released Pixel UI and Ores, Ingots, and Gems to the Unity Asset Store, GameDevMarket, and

With those releases complete I’ve moved on to working on Tools2D.  I also unfortunately discovered that somebody already has an asset up on Unity called Tools2D.  So I will have to look into renaming that soon.  Tools2D technically already exists on our end, but making it viable for release is a process in and of itself.  The toolset was in need of modernization to make it viable for sale...

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9/12/2018 DevBlog

It’s been a hectic last 2 months here at Pixelsoft Games.  As we work on the re-launch of our website and new line of products.  Today I put Ores, Ingots, and Gems up on and GameDevMarket.  I also updated the pricing for it on Unity3D, so if you haven’t purchased it yet now is the time because the price is going up!  I also finished the design and demo for Pixel UI and submitted it to the Unity Asset Store.  I will also be posting it up on GameDevMarket and tonight.  Next stop I need to update Tools2D as it is getting outdated, I might even re-create the toolset entirely (don’t look forward to that!).  But we really need to get it out onto the market and it will be pivotal for our current game project Outlaw Galaxy.

Speaking of Outlaw Galaxy, I have been hard at ...

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