Monthly Archives April 2019

Pixel UI v1.4 Released

We are pleased to announce that today we have updated Pixel UI from v1.21 to v1.3.  A demo of this product can be found here.  Purchase this product today on the Unity Asset Store!

This update adds the following features to Pixel UI:

  • Added 86 item icons
  • Added 25 pixel card sprites
  • Added 30 pixel particle sprites
  • Added 4 location sprites
  • Added scrollwork dialogue sprite
  • Added new classes: UICard, UIDeck, Card Profile (scriptable object)
  • Separated Make a Game project from Demo (to be released separately later)

Pixel UI is a simplistic pixel art GUI skin for the new Unity UI.  It comes with a collection of art assets, prefabs, and materials to instantly theme and color your UI exactly the way you want it...

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